Friday, 7 September 2012 New thing..

Lately, on Pinterest, I had been seeing soo many cute amigurumi pins that I was intrigued to give it a try...also, even before getting into Crocheting at all, I already had a Board collected with numerous pins! (Click here, for tons and tons of inspirations, ideas and patterns)

So off I went to Michaels, to get my supply of my Crochet kit!

And i have been hooked! I started off with numerous different flowers, bows, clips etc..then jumped into few other projects..

I will be sharing some of them in my next few posts.. So make sure to check back...

Sunday, 29 January 2012

DIY Cream Soap!

Since Pinterest, I have pretty much started/tried making almost everything at home! I remember going through it one day and seeing a recipe for DIY cream soap and instantly thought to myself 'One day'!
Well last night, I ran out of my Jergens cream soap and realized that 'some day' could be today! I was curious to see how it would turn out as it would save me tons!
So here is my tutorial with pics on how to making your "DIY Hand Cream Soap"! Enjoy...
Grate your Bar of Soap into small flakes
Add it to a pan filled with water and turn the heat to med-high
Add some Glycerin for softness
Add some food colouring (optional)
Soon you will notice all the flakes dissolving and the mixture will turn soapy!
Turn off the flame and leave it to cool OVERNIGHT!

Next morning, you will notice that it has hardened
The consistency should be as above...Gooey...I know! It doesn't look so much like the cream soap YET!
Now its time to Blend and turn it into a liquidy paste..if its too thick, add some water!

Now just pour it into an empty container. 
I just took my old Jergens Bottle, removed the label and hand wrote mine! :) TaDa!
P.s. I am so thrilled with the result! Its identical to what you would buy in stores! and pay sooo much more!  The awesomest part is that you can turn any of your favourite bar soaps into cream soap!! I am thinking the LUSH ones...ooh the possibilities! :)


Monday, 23 January 2012

Fabricland Haul - January

So I have noticed that "Haul" doesn't seem to be the thing in the 'sewing/crafting' world! However I come from the makeup and fashion world...and there Hauling and sharing seems to be THE thing! Personally I have always enjoyed watching haul videos and just enjoyed to see what people buy and pay for certain products! 
Therefore I have decided that I am going to start doing Haul posts and share with you guys what I buy and at times how much I pay for them..:)
This is my recent haul at Fabricland! nothing too fancy but just some stuff I purchased...I am known for buying fabric in just one metre or even half a yard but thats mostly because I make more stuff for my kids and nieces and nephews than for myself... 

Paid $5.75 for this on Sale...Its a fun book!
I picked up 4 metres of this fabulous green/red print! It was buy 1 get 3 metres free! so the whole 4 metres cost me $10!
A metre of Polar Fleece for $4!
A metre of each green/blue jersey knit for $4 each
This is a sweater knit in gorgeous blue/brown combination. This was for buy 1 get 2 free metres! so for all 3 metres I paid $8!!
Elastic Lace with coins for $6.49 (Buy 1 get 2 free metres)
Got Snaps, D-rings, Braided elastic in Black/White, Twill tape in White/Natural and some Boning!
Polar fleece in butterfly print for $4/metre! and the purple fleece is a scrap piece for $3, also a metre.
The fun Flannel Prints and one solid flannel piece! ($4/metre for all)
Soluble Stabilizer ( These were buy 1 get 2 free) and one cost only $1.95!!
Hope you guys enjoyed my haul and I will continue to do them as I buy more stuff...:) Love!

Friday, 13 January 2012

Silhouette's order is Here!!

There is many reasons to love Canada!
  • Tim Hortons for their Iced Capps and French Vanillas!
  • Snow because its not in our control and unpredictable!
  • Celine Dion
  • Jim Carrey
  • Shania Twain  
  • Wayne Gretzky!
  • Niagara Falls!
  • CN tower

and many many more reasons to fall in love with Canada!

However!! There is one thing I cannot stand about Canada! Online Shopping SUCKS!
Super Expensive SHIPPING charges!!! Vast majority of the things I need/want some times don't even have an option of being shipped here!! 

Every time I like something and want to buy, options are flat rate shipping to US! mostly Free shipping on orders over $25 and BOLD shipping to International (which obviously unfortunately includes Canada) is way too much and the DUTY kills it even more!

Anyhow...I can keep crying about that until somebody does something about it! 

SO to get to the point of this post...I ordered some stuff way back on Thanksgiving weekend in US last year from and since they don't even ship to Canada, I got the stuff shipped to my cousins house in Texas and then got her to ship it to me...cost me 24 bucks! So after waiting and waiting for many different reasons I finally woke up with this at my door:


Yayyy! and got to open it right after finishing my children's tooth brushing, diaper changing and feeding! (Yup you just have to learn and be patient, no other option!) 

This is actually Cricut's printable Vinyl I ordered to her house separately and she sent it to me all together...
Can't wait to try my hands on this...I want to actually make a iPhone skin for my phone!

Now this is the rest of the stuff I ordered from Silhouette from my Cameo (which is also another story of getting it shipped to US, will get into it in another post)

Pen Holder

Replacement Blade

Sketch Pens

Adhesive Vinyl in Black and White (12x10ft)

Premium Vinyl in black (12x6ft)

Transfer Paper (12x10ft)

Printable Tattoo Paper (2 sheets)

For all of this I paid about $60 including taxes but excluding shipping! Silhouette had an awesome 40% sale on that weekend! I will be sharing my experiments of making stuff using all these things! So stay tuned and make sure to check back for more....Enjoy!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Iphone charger/holder

My Iphone is very precious to me and I like to make sure that when I am charging it, its on top of a table or something rather than on the floor. I don't want my kids "accidently" stepping on my phone! So, when I came across this tutorial at make it and love it, I knew I had to make one! I had all the stuff right in my closet. I love how it turned out and will probably be making more to gift to my sisters!


Refashioning - Polo into kids pants

So my project to share today is of Kids Pants! Ever since I learned how to sew Pants/Pajamas/Leggings (they are all the same technique, just the tapering is different) I have been obsessed with making them for my kids, nephews and nieces! This is the first pair of pants I made for my little girl. Please feel free to comment and ask any questions you may have. :) Enjoy...

Start with your favourite shirt thats either too small or you don't wear anymore!
Cut out the sleeves
Cut the collar 
Cut it open in the middle
This is what you should have! You can stop here and just wear it as a Vest! or continue if you want it to be turned into Pants!
Now take the pants that fits your kid and cut it on the fold
Inverse the pants and cut the other side

Put the right sides together and sew the Top Sides
Now open them up and sew the inseam through the crotch

Ta.Da! You have a new pair of Pants!
P.s. These turned out more like leggings for my girl since the shirt was small to begin with and fabric wasn't enough!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Fleece Cap

A little bit of intro: 
I have finally decided to join the world of blogging! For past few months, I have been addicted to Pinterest and all the blogs I find through it! A part of me always wanted to share what I make and want to make with the world, but hesitated! So, this year I have decided to overcome the hesitation and join in the fun!

This project I am sharing with you is of a Fleece Hat with Ribbon that I made for my little darling! The free pattern is super easy and very detailed! I love the final outcome and cant wait to make many more. I am not yet ready to start doing tutorials but thats definitely what I plan to do, make tutorials and have free patterns available. For now just enjoy some of the pictures I took along making my Hat. Enjoy...
Trace the pattern on fleece
Cut your pattern pieces out
Mark the buttonholes
Stitch the buttonholes
Open up the buttonholes and loop the ribbon through
VOILA! Your cap is ready! :)